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Interactive Virtual Host

Interactive Virtual Host by Magik Touch creates a “holographic model” that enables to effectively and consistently communicate messages that are powerful, promotional, or informational. The hologram virtual presenter or hologram person, uses pre-prepared videos that could feature any person, thus giving a unique and distinctive touch to the way you promote your products or services. The Digital Host, Virtual Mannequin, Virtual Presenter or Hologram receptionist, is all about garnering instant attention. This life-sized model of the human figure or virtual assistant hologram, can be used in advertising and sales events or permanently in places such as airport, conference centres or building entrances. The Hologram Person, known as well Virtual Host, uses the effect of a Virtual Assistant Hologram to give welcome messages, announce security messages or to manage a queue in an airport.

Benefits of the Interactive Virtual Host>

Interactive Virtual Mannequin can be interactive, which gives the audience the opportunity to choose different products. This new IVH - Interactive Virtual Host is the ideal solution that works 24 hours, 7 days a week giving informational messaging and advertising in the language of your choice. The presenter can be a star, a famous person, a model or even you, promoting your product or brand. You can visit our video page to see some of our work.

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