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Magik FlipBook

Guests record a short video clip that is automatically transformed into a 60-frame flip book. Within 5-6 minutes the flip book is then assembled and given to the guests to take home as a venue memorabilia.

How Does it Work?

The whole procedure takes less than 5 minutes, it is quick and simple; a video is recorded and turned into 40 photos that are printed out. The photos are then cut and arranged into the perfect keepsake – a personalized flip book with 40 images that come to life!

The Magik Flipbook Studio can print about 40 flip books per hour, which means over 160 flip books for a typical four-hour event. We provide an interactive flipbook experience that will have everyone talking and keep them smiling. What’s more, each guest will leave with a personal flipbook in hand, a reminder of the event that they will play with, time and time again.

With Magik Flipbook any corporate function or product launch will be a raving success. Delight your employees, clients or customers with the live flipbook experience, produced on location, before their eyes and wrapped up in custom branded covers for advertising that lasts. Our dynamic flipbooks can also be pre-produced as promotional material, unique invitations, table decorations or business cards – the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

What’s Included:

• 4 Hours of Service
• Customized Cover Page
• Unlimited Takes
• Photographers Assistant /
• Printer / Cutter
• Props
• Delivery/Setup/Pickup (Within 50km)

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